Damping Malam (2010)

""Damping Malam" is about a couple - Wadi (Ahmad Idham) and Ku Khalira (Amy Mastura) who have been married for 14 years and are blessed with a beautiful daughter - Nuraiza (Erynne Erynna). They are a liberal, modern family and Nuraiza is a bright student at school. The parents place more importance to worldly matters, so she isn't brought up with much religious emphasis, despite also being raised by her mysterious aunt, Umi Siah (Azizah Mahzan). One day, Nuraiza leaves home to further her studies and soon finds herself powerless to protect against dark powers due to her lack of religious knowledge"

Mediafire and Fileserve
Damping Malam [Mediafire] AVI Part 1
Damping Malam [Mediafire] AVI Part 2
Damping Malam [Mediafire] AVI Part 3
Damping Malam [Mediafire] AVI Part 4
Damping Malam [Fileserve] AVI Single Link

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