Aku Masih Dara (2010)

""Aku Masih Dara" tells the story of three friends, Aleesya, Sofea, and Hani who come from different backgrounds. All three have different interpretations of Islam based on how they were raised. Their different perceptions on religion do not interfere with their friendship until the appearance of Firdaus, Aleesya's religious cousin. After witnessing his cousin's wild lifestyle, he keeps advising Aleesya to change her lifestyle, to the point that Aleesya starts to resent him!" ...

Mediafire :

mediafire - Aku masih Dara part 1

mediafire - Aku masih Dara part 2

mediafire - Aku masih Dara part 3

mediafire - Aku masih Dara part 4

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